The craft is a job where useful and decorative items are made completely by hand or using only simple tools : items produced by mass production or machines are not handicrafts .

Never before in recent years, production companies are trying to craft emerge in an economy where it is the largest retail chains in deciding which products to buy to the consumer. But while it is true that small handicraft production bells did not manage to get on the shelves of large retailers is also true that more and more consumers are looking for authentic and traditional handicraft products Campani , are an example of the consolidation of a type of food and wine tourism development of farmhouses and the growing trend of manufacturers to open the doors of their laboratories and their cellars for groups of passionate consumers .

Crafts sells handcrafted Italian products .
Artisanal products typical of the Italian regions , a world of products that arrive directly by the artisan from the small manufacturer directly to your home.

Crafts was born from the cooperation with the artigianei and a common desire to have visibility on the web handicraft products using an ecommerce portal for the sale of the same