Shipments , unless otherwise agreed , will be made by transporters defined by Casaburi and the goods at our risk .

In case of theft / loss , Casaburi agrees to send a new product and, if the same were to be unavailable and / or out of stock, propose a different product , but with equivalent characteristics , with the option for the client not to accept this new product and request a refund of the expenditure.

Assuming that the carrier is responsible in any way by the customer , Casaburi will not be liable for loss and / or damage of the product from the time of delivery of the goods to the carrier at its stores .

The delivery time purely indicative , is approximately 1 business day from date of shipment ( for the islands 2 days and 3 days for remote areas ) , and the same could be modified for reasons of force majeure or because of traffic conditions and traffic in general or by act of the authorities.

The delivery, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties, will take place ' in a timeframe ranging from 8.30 to 19.30 every day , except holidays, from Monday to Friday. You can not ask for a specific time of delivery , it is useful to provide a time slot in which you can be reached .

We can not manage in any way junctions nor can we chedere deliveries to scheduled time so it's up to the recipient to provide information as precise as possible to make sure that the carrier is able to deliver on the first attempt .

Let us pray , therefore, Mr and Mrs customers to provide a manned address (office, workplace , shop, stable keeper ) or make sure that there is always someone in the house on the day of delivery the courier will send an SMS alert and an e-mail to the recipient on the delivery date and then make the first attempt , if you can not find anyone in the house leaves a notice to agree a new delivery. After the third attempt , if the recipient has not contacted the courier to redefine the delivery , the parcel back to the sender. As a result , unfortunately, if the parcel was returned to the sender for failure to collect from the recipient , we would be forced to charge double the cost of shipping ( to return to the sender and for the eventual new shipment).